2022 - 2023

My thoughts take the form of patterns, they are born and grow like plants that take over paper. It is never a line that seeks the form. I do not approach drawing through outlines, but rather through the set of repetitions that creates shapes and movements, almost or totally abstract structures and forms. The drawings are neverending. They can keep growing, repeating the same pattern for as long as they want.

I make my drawings like ancient cave paintings: from familiar observation of nature that leaves traces in my memory. Finnish culture lives in a close relationship with nature. The forest is the place to meditate, pick berries and mushrooms, or just walk or sit quietly. When I moved to Argentina, for a while I lost this contact that is part of my identity. Silently drawing patterns gave me that space for meditation that I was missing.

My way of working has a certain relationship with the automatic drawing of the surrealists. The best things happen when I give up control and simply watch what happens on paper, without judgment or expectations about what might happen. The process is more about how the pen feels on the paper. I don't make sketches and there are certain influences from botanical illustrations.

Some of the drawings are named after the particular species that inspired them or after the thoughts that ran through my mind while creating them. Some drawings are the end result of witnessing the constant metamorphosis of nature.

Nature constantly changes and grows just like us and the patterns on paper.