Ennisofia Salmela Flores (1985) deals in her work with identity and belonging, environment, and processes.
Salmela studied fine arts at the University of La Plata in Argentina, literature at the University of Barcelona, and graduated with a master's degree in Art History from the University of Turku (MA) where she also studied a minor in creative writing. She has attended the Kallio writer's school and studied bookbinding. Salmela has worked in galleries and museums and as an independent curator and teacher. Salmela's artworks can be found in public and private collections. She has held exhibitions and painted murals in Finland and abroad since 2016. She has lived mainly in Finland and Argentina.
She studies abstract drawing, repetition, writing and automatic drawing. She is interested in overdrawing (palimpsest), letters, post art, and bookbinding, as well as randomness and uncertainty.


In the drawing, I am interested in repetitions, chance, and what kind of shapes and structures lines create together. One thing always leads to another while the organic shapes take the mind to nature and create a story.

I think of drawing as writing and writing as drawing. Both are affected by materials, surfaces, and tools. Both are tools for thinking. My works include text and I bring the letters into the visual experience. I am interested in books as works of art, text-based art, post art, and combining my practice with the traditional craft of bookbinding.

In contemporary art, I am interested in its uncertainty and randomness. What I like the most in the process is the loss of control. The work is a process influenced by different factors where layers cover each other. We could also talk about overdrawing and automatic drawing; in them, you can see the presence of process, movement, and chance. By using drawing as a tool, I want to bring its forgotten value and place into the stream of art history.

I have started making art by observing forms of nature, and I feel that nature gives me a meditative state that enables the birth of new ideas and thoughts. Nature, silence and solitude are places where I have started to reflect on identity; how it changes and affects everything around us.

Art helps us see things differently, bring new perspectives, or raise questions. I want my art to be a place where you can observe, ask questions and increase the understanding of the world.