A Field Trip to a Landscape
Un viaje de campo a un paisaje
Artist’s book, 50 pages, 15x20x3cm

A Field Trip to a Landscape is an artist's book that describes a field trip to my observations and experiences of the environment. In January 2023, I spent a month at the Raices residence, in the mountain village of Aconquija, in northern Argentina. Over the course of a month, I examined non-human traces found in the landscape. I filled out a sketchbook and made a performance where, over the course of three days, I filled the wall with various pictorial notes about the landscape. The sketchbook consisted of pictures and questions that I posed to pieces found in nature. They are at the same time childlike, but also scientific. The pages of the sketchbook have later been transferred to this book. For the covers, I have used the paper created in the performance. For the pages, I have used drawings and paintings that were part of the three-day installation performance at the residency. You can see more about the performative installation here: Tracing Traces - Rastreando Rastros. (The images are not in a chronological order)